Air-Row Fan Products

Air-Row Fan Company manufactures distinct products to rotate or de-stratify air and create energy efficiency. Air-Row has built a reputation on an exceptional success rate in cutting energy costs and creating a more comfortable environment for all types of buildings.

Air-Row produces two open-rafter ceiling products, the F-18 and the F-18 R (Round), and two drop-in ceiling products, the LA-248 and the DA-248. The fans push air down in a column no wider than 2-3’ from as high as 40’ up.

Accessories — Tilt brackets may be used for Air-Row Fan products.

Speed Control – Air-Row marks an industry “first” in the innovation of Speed Control for its de-stratification fans. Fans come with a 3-speed programmable EC motor, thermally protected, with both on/off and 3-speed switch which may be factory preset. Integrated circuit available to interface with BAS. Products can be available with infinite remote or a shaded pole motor

Temperature Control – Air-Row’s factory-installed circuit board is preset at 65 degrees F with 5 degrees F differential, and is field adjustable.

Low Maintenance – Air-Row produces its products with easy access, so that parts may be replaced without replacing the entire fan.

Better Fan Blade, Better Results — Air-Row products use a better fan blade for greater heat resistance, which is impervious to airborne chemicals and moves 10-20% more air. The Air-Row F-18 moves air down from as high as 40’ in a controlled column no more than 2-3’ wide.

Air Purification – Air-Row’s air purification system helps to improve the air quality, while reducing odors, gases, and bacteris.

Custom Design and Planning – Air-Row fans are not “one-size-fits-all,” but are totally customizable to help you achieve their environmental control goals. First the fan is positioned where it will deliver air where it is really needed. Then we can control the speed of this air, the timing of the operation of this fan, the volume of the air coming down and treat the air for airborne bacteria and odors. Air-Row develops a plan and creates products to suit the needs of the customer.

Safety — All Air-Row products are fire-safe, and will automatically shut off when the temperature rises to 135 degrees.

Warranty and Support – Products come with personal technical and service support, along with a 3-year warranty