Air-Row For Grid or Drop-in or Suspended Ceilings

Air-Row LA-248

The Air-Row LA-248 is a commercial/industrial flush mount ceiling fan designed to be dropped into a traditional grid or suspended ceiling. The fan is completely self-contained (no duct attachments) and fits into standard 2x2 ceiling grid systems. The LA-248 has been successful in countless office or retail applications, pushing trapped air to the floor and evening temperatures building-wide. The LA is also successful in areas with low ceilings requiring additional air circulation, cooling or heat recovery. 

Air-Row DA-248

Air-Row's DA-248 fan is a self-contained register so versatile it can be installed anywhere to solve unique environmental challenges. The DA-248 is particularly effective for vestibule entrances in extreme climates -- battling rain and cold to keep floors warm and dry, and buffering the AC against humidity to avoid excess air loss. The DA-248 has also been used successfully for open-coffin, multi-deck aisles, and in augmenting starving long runs to create more balanced temperatures building-wide.