15Mar 2016

Air-Row Featured in Grocery Headquarters

We can be your HVAC system’s best friend…

In mixing air to achieve moderate temperatures, traditional rooftop air handlers bring in new air — and use significant horsepower to do so.

Our fans can moderate temperatures by using the air that is already there — trapped at the ceiling.

By taking on this “air rotation” process, we allow rooftop units to cycle down, leading to significant energy savings.

15Mar 2016

Air-Row Fans used its new test lab to create a “smoke test” to show how air already there — trapped at the ceiling — is gathered and pushed to the floor in a straight column, spreading slowly as it hits the floor.

15Mar 2016

UntitleddFor the safety of customers and the company’s protection against liability, Air-Row Fans has developed a solution for the point of most accidents – vestibule entrances. Our DA-248 has proven successful in drying floors and changing the environment of vestibule entrances.

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