25May 2017

15Mar 2016

We can be your HVAC system’s best friend…

In mixing air to achieve moderate temperatures, traditional rooftop air handlers bring in new air — and use significant horsepower to do so.

Our fans can moderate temperatures by using the air that is already there — trapped at the ceiling.

By taking on this “air rotation” process, we allow rooftop units to cycle down, leading to significant energy savings.

15Mar 2016

Air-Row Fans used its new test lab to create a “smoke test” to show how air already there — trapped at the ceiling — is gathered and pushed to the floor in a straight column, spreading slowly as it hits the floor.

15Mar 2016

UntitleddFor the safety of customers and the company’s protection against liability, Air-Row Fans has developed a solution for the point of most accidents – vestibule entrances. Our DA-248 has proven successful in drying floors and changing the environment of vestibule entrances.

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20Sep 2014

Click to download our brochure and send us a note for pricing information. We would love to work with you to help solve air distribution problems in your building. You will be surprised at our solutions and at our energy savings!


15Jun 2014

View the following case studies to see how Air-Row Fans is bringing energy conservation, cost-savings, and problem-solving to a variety of customers.

Supermarket: Air-Row reverses refrigeration challenges of consensation, fogging, mold and mildew build-up for grocery industry

Warehouse: Air-Row brings addresses loading dock heat loss issues and brings energy cost savings to major warehouse

Vestibule Entrances: Air-Row moderates temperature, keeps floors dry

Office Buildings: Air-Row brings combats stale, tapped air

Refrigerated Aisles: Air-Row warms aisles without interfering with cases