About Us

The Air-Row Fan Company was founded by Tom Noonan in 1988 with the goal of finding energy efficient technology for air distribution in commercial buildings. Today, Air-Row is one of the most highly regarded providers of air rotation, or de-stratification, solutions. Air-Row’s fan products produce a savings of 25% or more in large buildings, warehouses, big-box stores, supermarkets, sports stadiums, and more.

Air-Row’s success in helping companies to reduce or eliminate energy waste has been recognized nationally. Its green solutions are deemed to be cost-effective answers to big energy challenges, qualifying for energy and sustainability credits throughout North America.  Air-Row is based in Carmel, IN.

Air-Row Fans is successful in numerous building applications —

  • Grocery, Convenience, Big Box Stores
  • Warehouses and Manufacturing Buildings
  • Office and Retail Spaces
  • Churches, Schools, Universities, Museums
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities