Our Success

Air-Row Fans use what you already have -air trapped at the ceiling - and target that air strategically to where you need it down below. Our fans are successful in equalizing temperatures and resolving unique building challenges. All the while, your HVAC system is able to cycle off, leading to significant energy savings.

Our Guarantee

Air-Row Fans is a custom shop. All of our products can be tailored to your needs, with a variety of available options. We are able to achieve exceptional results by understanding the science of air flow. Our ability to reduce the temperature differential from ceiling to floor has been proven successful in countless applications.

Why You Need Air-Row Fans

  • Cuts energy usage 20% or more
  • Reduces runtime of HVAC system
  • Creates comfort for customers, employees
  • Reduces potential for accidents
  • Longer equipment life and fewer repairs
  • Air purification to clean air and eliminate odors

Where You Need Air-Row Fans

  • Grocery, Convenience, Big Box Stores
  • Warehouses and Manufacturing Buildings
  • Office and Retail Spaces
  • Churches, Schools, Universities, Museums
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities


Look What our customers are saying


View the following case studies to see how Air-Row Fans is bringing energy conservation, cost-savings, and problem-solving to a variety of customers.

Supermarket: Air-Row reverses refrigeration challenges of consensation, fogging, mold and mildew build-up for grocery industry

Warehouse: Air-Row brings addresses loading dock heat loss issues and brings energy cost savings to major warehouse

Vestibule Entrances: Air-Row moderates temperature, keeps floors dry

Office Buildings: Air-Row brings combats stale, tapped air

Refrigerated Aisles: Air-Row warms aisles without interfering with cases